The manufacturer of your vehicle is likely to have excelled at creating a safe and functional driving experience, but that does not mean they have fully optimised your exhaust system. That’s where our custom exhausts come in…

A custom exhaust can help release the full potential of your engine by increasing flow and creating an efficient route for exhaust gasses, decreasing back pressure, which in turn leads to increased horsepower.

An addition to the extra power can be additional noise, depending on your requirements; we can cater to what level of volume or note you want by adding silencers or a resonator. This could be down to personal preference or ensuring your vehicle abides to track decibel regulations.

Custom exhausts are far superior to standard off-the-shelf alternatives; they won’t rust due the composition of stainless steel and they're guaranteed to have a perfect fit, meaning that they won't catch on any other components on your vehicle or encounter any common issues such as irritating rattles.

We always use the best methods during fabrication such as back-purging the pipe which ensures to prevent the production of chromium oxide, maintaining the materials corrosion resistance properties.

Our custom exhausts and downpipes all come with a lifetime guarantee.