DPF/FAP Solutions

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF/FAP) Solutions

DPF/FAP refers to a filter located in the exhaust system which reduces the levels of DPM (Diesel Particulate Matter) passing through, thus enabling your vehicle to emit cleaner exhaust by-product into the atmosphere.

Over time, your DPF will inevitably become clogged, leading to the process of regeneration to occur, wherein the filter is cleared out. For regeneration to occur, however, precise driving conditions must be met, and too often the DPF can be clogged to such an extent that it will move beyond the capability of your engine to engage in regeneration.

This can lead to a whole heap of trouble, including power loss and overheating, and issues with throttle and economy.

If the DPF is only just showing recent symptoms of failure, we could conduct a forced regeneration, but for more serious cases there are a few options to consider, but the most common are:

• Diagnostics and Repair

At JBM we are experts in finding the cause of DPF faults, enabling us to use a variety of methods to repair your faulty or clogged filter. This can often be cheaper than other solutions as it avoids the often large cost of replacement and means we do not remove the DPF, which is illegal in the UK.

• Replacement

DPFs can be extremely expensive, with cheaper alternatives often failing to match the quality of dealer approved units. They will, however, last for over 100,000 miles if new.

• Removal

Often a cheaper alternative to replacement, removal of the DPF will ensure it never blocks again, and leads to better performance and economy.

At JBM, we offer three main solutions - stainless steel downpipes, standard filter removal, and software removal.

However, It is important to remember that it is illegal to do this in the UK and will cause a vehicle to fail an MOT, and JBM Performance accepts no responsibility for you failing to comply with highway law as a result of DPF removal or any other tuning service

EGR Removal/Delete

EGR Removal/Delete

An EGR Valve recirculates a precise level of gas emitted from the exhaust system back into the engine via the air intake system. This reduces the overall level of emissions that your engine produces.

Unfortunately, this means that carbon deposits found within the exhaust gasses will, over time, build up in the intake manifold as well as other components of the EGR valve, potentially causing failure.

In addition to this, another component called an EGR Cooler is involved in this process, cooling the temperature of the exhaust gasses before recirculation. Common issues with EGR Coolers is that they crack, resulting in coolant loss, as well as triggering warning lights and fault codes through sensor failures in later models.

We can remove the EGR system using a EGR Delete Kit or, depending on where the EGR Valve sits within your vehicle, by using blanking plates. This means your vehicle ECU will not receive any signal from your EGR Valve, and you can reap the benefits of removal, which include:

• Improved Economy

• A Lower Engine Temperature

• A Significant Reduction in Carbon Deposits

• A Reduction in Oil Contamination

• Improved Throttle Response

It is important to note that EGR Valves shouldn’t be removed if your vehicle still has a DPF Filter. It is illegal within the UK to remove the DPF and this will result in your vehicle failing its M.O.T.

It should also be mentioned that if you remove the EGR valve, your vehicle will need an ECU remap/software adjustment for it to function without the EGR valve present.

JBM Performance accepts no responsibility if you fail to comply with the rules and regulations set out by the government as a result of using this part on public highways where it is prohibited.

ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping enables you to take full control of your car; adapting everything from the maximum power your engine delivers to improving the efficiency and fuel economy of the vehicle. It’s complicated stuff, but when it’s done right, the results speak for themselves.

Car manufacturers sell their cars all over the world; this means the software settings on the ECU (Engine Control Unit) must take into account different climates, laws, restrictions and fuels. However, what is optimal for a car cruising around Dubai differs greatly for a drive around Sheffield, and that’s where remapping comes in.

Remapping is the replacement of default software, on the ECU of your vehicle, with new software that is fully optimised for your car. This means:

Increased throttle response

A notable increase in overall torque and power

Smoother delivery of power

Potential for improved fuel economy

Enhanced rev range

At JBM, we have the ability to remap almost any vehicle and help you get the very best out of your engine.